Party Checker - Social Media and Email Marketing Campaign

Client Overview

Party Checker was a comprehensive online directory of party companies, catering to events ranging from weddings to kids’ parties. The founder identified a gap in the market while planning his daughter’s wedding, as he struggled to find a single platform that provided all the necessary resources and services for the event. Party Checker was created to address this need, streamlining the party planning process for clients looking to host unforgettable events such as birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions, and community gatherings.

Party Checker Post - The Marketing Advisory Service

Our Role

The Marketing Advisory Service played a crucial role in the successful launch and promotion of Party Checker. We provided essential support in social media marketing, email marketing using AWeber, and technical account setup for Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Our comprehensive social media marketing strategy aimed to introduce Party Checker to potential clients and establish a robust online presence. We focused on the following key areas:

  1. Targeted Advertising: We crafted engaging Facebook and Instagram ads that highlighted Party Checker’s unique services and value proposition. Utilising advanced targeting techniques, we reached the most relevant audience and encouraged engagement.

  2. Compelling Content: Our team of content creators produced visually appealing and informative content that showcased Party Checker’s offerings and success stories. This content resonated with our target audience, effectively driving increased brand awareness and interest.

  3. Community Building: We nurtured Party Checker’s online community by actively engaging with followers and addressing their queries and feedback. This strategy fostered a sense of connection and trust between the brand and its clients, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Party Checker Social Media Post - The Marketing Advisory Service

Email Marketing with AWeber

We implemented an efficient email marketing strategy using AWeber, a leading email marketing provider. Our approach included:

  1. Tailored Newsletters: We created customized newsletters that informed subscribers about Party Checker’s latest offerings, discounts, and event planning tips.

  2. Promotional Materials: Our team designed attention-grabbing promotional materials that aligned with Party Checker’s brand identity and messaging.

  3. Email Segmentation and Personalisation: We employed best practices in email segmentation and personalisation, ensuring that the right message reached the right audience and maximising engagement and conversions.

Technical Account Setup

In addition to our marketing efforts, we supported Party Checker with the technical setup of their social media accounts, ensuring a seamless integration with their website and CRM systems. This allowed Party Checker to effectively manage their online presence and monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Party Checker Website The Marketing Advisory Service


Despite Party Checker’s closure within six months due to a low uptake of their service, our marketing efforts played a significant role in driving visibility and attracting potential clients. We are proud to have contributed to Party Checker’s launch and provided valuable marketing support during their journey.

The Marketing Advisory Service remains dedicated to delivering top-notch marketing solutions for businesses across various industries, helping them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.